Indicator for whether trade was accepted or cancelled




2 months ago


  • When there are multiple concurrent trades, it can get a bit hard to tell which trades are already fulfilled and which aren't.

  • It happens rarely that someone cancels a trade, but when it happens I often don't realize it until after I have already clicked the "Thanks for trade + kick from party"-button.


PoE Overlay already tracks whether the other player has joined the hideout and indicates this with green text. This could be further improved by indicating the current state of the trade request. I believe that tracking this state per player accurately should be possible, as long as I initiate the trade using PoE Overlay's trade-button:

  • Click "Trade"-button -> Trade in progress

  • Log Message "Trade accepted." -> Trade fulfilled

  • Log Message "Trade cancelled." -> Trade failed + no longer in progress

  • Log Message "Player not found in this area." -> Trade failed + no longer in progress



Kyusung changed the status to Accepted

2 months ago


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3 weeks ago

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