Price Threshold on Bulk Searches




2 months ago

Hello, I love this tool! One thing I've been doing a lot lately is doing bulk searches for allflames and scarabs of a similar price range, 25c for example. I want to do a bulk search on all Syndicate allflames from the same seller, ok great--we can do this currently. But many sellers have a couple of the syndicate allflame types priced in the right range, but one is priced like 2, 3 or 10x for some reason. I don't want to click the offer button because it will message them saying that I also want the overpriced allflame, but I DO want the rest of the bulk that they have. An option to set a price threshold for the bulk "same seller" search would be awesome, OR, a way to set one of the items in their bulk sell list to "zero" quantity so that it's not included in the whisper. Thanks!!


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