Some stat search ideas




last year

Preface: I am not a professional programmer so I can not speak to the ease with which these can be accomplished. These are functions I would like to have available, but I do understand that they may be difficult or maybe even impossible to do. Regardless, I wanted to share them for your consideration just in case.

Generalized stat searches - Say I want all rings that impact chaos in any ways, regardless of resistance, damage, penetration.. I don't know exactly what mods are available and so I was to browse an overview of items with that particular keywords.

Item Type and Item Name grouping -

Perhaps I am interested in the items that provide the most Increased Item Quantity. This often returns many results of the same item making it difficult to get an idea of what alternatives may be available. If instead, all items named "Goldrim" were nested in a collapsible manner then I could see the next best option for the price, ect. Different types of filters for collapsing would be nice too.

Item Base exclusion

Or in general any sort of exclusion options would be good here. We can exclude stats using the NOT stat filters at the moment but say I wanted to search all amulets for IIR but didn't want to see and Gold Amulet results. This would address that use case.


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