Vendor paster (Stores and uses Regexes)



Javier Garcia

3 quarters ago

Hi I like a functionality similar to awakened poe trade that allow you to set up a series of regex to search in the stash or in the vendor. It would work the following:

  1. Save a regex with a name

  2. Press a shortcut that show the different regex saved

  3. Apply "ctrl+f" automatically plus the regex



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2 quarters ago



2 quarters ago

do you believe would be worth to enable an advanced map parsing mode like this: "press a hotkey, hover your rolled maps, it stores the results and highlights in your stash maps to reroll?"
kinda like with regex but much more customizable

This was an excerpt from a discord message I sent. Would be cool to combine the 2 functionality to make a better than default map reroll behaviour


Сергей Мендела

2 months ago

I wanted to suggest making such a function myself, as it is very convenient in awakened poe trade and I hope it will be implemented soon


Kyusung changed the status to Accepted

2 months ago

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